Friday 18 April 2014

Steps to cleaning your ceiling fan blades

Chinese New Year is around the corner and you realised you have neglected your ceiling fan long enough. Dust bunnies and spiderwebs are starting to gather on, in and around your ceiling fan blades and you would really hate your relatives to judge your level of laziness basing on that. So you strap on your cleaning gear, dig out that ladder from the storeroom (which also needs some dusting) and pause... because you don't know the first thing about cleaning ceiling fans.

Well, read on. Because we are here to your rescue!

You will need:
1. 1 x dry cloth
2. 1 x pillowcase
3. 1 x spray bottle
4. Ladder or chair
5. Assistance on standby

Step 1: Switch off your ceiling fan and make sure it has reached a complete stop
Do not attempt to clean your fan blades while they are still in motion, even if they are set to low speed. Moving fan blades can cause serious injury, don't play play.

For better security, please:
1. Switch off the main circuit
2. Keep remote controls out of reach of small children
3. Tape off regulator and wall switch
4. Inform all family members of the fan cleaning

Step 2: Determine the material of your fan blades
Cleaning methods for fan blades vary with the material of the fan blades so pause your mop bucket for a second and find out what type of fan blades is your ceiling fan made of? Is it made of metal, wood or plastic?

Step 3: Cover up your furnitures
Yes, it is gonna get pretty dusty. Make sure all of your furnitures are covered up with cloths or plastic bags before commencing the blade cleaning.

Step 4: Step up!
On a ladder or a chair because your ceiling fan is mounted on well, the ceiling so it should be out of your reach. Do not attempt to clean your fan blades on tiptoes, you wouldn't want to accidentally tug them downwards, that could spoilt the inner mechanism of your fan!

Step 5: Pillowcase goes first
Now that you are firmly planted atop a ladder or a chair (how's the air up there? lol), open up your pillowcase and slip one of the fan blade into it...

Then use one hand to gently support the bottom side of the blade (do not push it upwards) and use your other hand to hold the top side of the blade (do not push it downwards) and slowly pull your pillowcase out.. and ta-daaaah! You now have one dust-free fan blade! 

Repeat this for the rest of your fan blades and you are good for CNY.

Step 6 (Optional): Spray bottle for the stubborn ones
If you have accumulated a family of dust bunnies on your fan blades and they simply refuse to move (even after deploying Step 5), bring on the spray gun! We meant bottle, the spray bottle. Which is that thingy our mothers used to mildly wet our uniforms during ironing session.

If your fan blades are made of plastic (aka ABS material), mix two teaspoons of white vinegar with water into your spray bottle and spray it evenly across your fan blade. A few pumps would do, tryyyy not to spray them till they are dripping wet, your fan blades cannot take that kind of wetness (not dirty-talking here).

If your fan blades are made of metal or wood, a spray bottle of tap water works fine. Spray evenly onto the fan blade and once again, mildly wet would suffice.

Step 7 (Optional): Finish them off (with your dry cloth)
Since the pillowcase holds the dust bunnies from the previous clean, you might want to make use of another piece of dry cloth to wipe the water off the fan blades. Use one hand to support the bottom side of the fan blade to ensure that you will not push it down and damage the fan while wiping.

Step 8: Treat yourself to an ice-cream
You have done it! Your ceiling fan is now squeaky clean and hazard free for yourself and your loved ones. Your big aunt ain't judging you this year!

As for those home owners troubled by your high ceiling, don't frat just yet! Just get yourself a Ceiling Fan Duster (Yes, click on that hyperlink!). It should look something like...

this! This is from 

If you don't mind the tormenting wait of international shipping, you could buy yours there too! Haha. 

TIP 1: Be gentle 
Fan blades may not look like it, but they are actually really delicate. Try your best to be gentle with them during handling and cleaning to prevent the risk of damaging the blades, the fan's motor or even your ceiling. 

TIP 2: Be diligent
Maintaining a home is tough work, it takes a lot of effort and determination (affirmed by all mothers worldwide) to make your house presentable to guests. After all, you wouldn't know when someone would just pop by for an impromptu visit right? 

So yes, be diligent and clean your ceiling fans at least once a month! (Yea, you heard us)

Haha. This is one long-winded post. Let's end it here then. SEE YA REAL SOOOON! 

"Housework, if you do it right, will kill you." - Erma Bombeck

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